Frequently Asked Questions


About Us

What is LA Sitter?

LA Sitter is a website and resource for parents to find the best babysitters and temporary child care providers in Los Angeles.

The sitters offer as-needed, last minute and temporary child care solutions in family homes, in  hotels and at events.

The website is fully self-service, but we're also happy to take calls during business hours and help you with your booking over the phone.

What makes LA Sitter different from other websites?

Personal connections! We don't let just any childcare provider register with us.

We're a small business, not a giant website. Your membership allows us to personally interview the sitters featured on our site, screen and run background checks, and offer ongoing training and support including First Aid & CPR training as well as discounted community events.

If you call our office for support - the business owner will pick up the phone and personally guide you to the right sitter for your family.

Do we pay LA Sitter when we book a sitter?

No. Sitters are independent child care providers. Members pay the sitters directly for their time.

We take no monies or commissions from the sitter or the parents for any child care hours worked.

Can you issue us a receipt for babysitting?

The only receipt you will receive from LA Sitter is for your membership payment.

If you would like to receive a receipt for hours worked from your child care provider, you should ask them to provide this.

If you are planning on claiming child care expenses, you should request an W9 from your sitter for occasional care in advance. (Or W2 if you are working with the same provider regularly).

The only payment paid to LA Sitter is the membership fee which goes toward finding, training and screening the sitters on our network as well as business operating costs.


How much does it cost to join LA Sitter?

Membership to access our Sitter Network is $29.00 per month billed month-to-month.

We also offer a discounted annual membership for $199.00 billed every 12 months.

And a one time access pass with no recurring charges for $35.00 (valid for one calendar month).

Do you offer a Free Trial period?

No. Many families only need a sitter every now and again, so we cannot make that one-time contact free.

We have intentionally kept our prices lower than the cost of one single booking fee through most agencies in Los Angeles.

We also offer a money back guarantee.

How are my credit card details stored?

Payments are securely processed through Stripe. We never see the card details you enter online, and we never store your card details if you provide them over the phone.

Payments are secured using 2048-bit bank grade SSL encryption.

Am I locked into a plan?

No. You are not locked into a plan.

If you would only like one booking, or only one month, select one time access - it has no recurring charges.

If you're on a month to month plan, cancel or change your plan anytime before the next billing date. You will still be able to use your plan up until the end of the current billing cycle.

What is your refund policy?

We provide a money back guarantee if you feel that the service does not meet your needs and you were not able to secure an LA Sitter sitter*, we are happy to refund your most recent payment and cancel your account on written request.

*If an available sitter replies to your request, but you cancel the request or change your plans, this is seen as you being able to secure a sitter through the service and no refund is offered.

If you simply forget to cancel your membership, our current policy is that we can provide a refund on your most recent charge provided you have not interacted with the site or initiated contacted with any sitters. We will not refund previous months charges if you forget to cancel your subscription, only the most recent.

The Sitters

Do you background check the sitters?

Yes. Each sitter has been fingerprint (LiveScan) background checked against FBI and Department of Justice records. They have also been approved by the CA Department of Social Services as in-home childcare providers and are registered with TrustLine. In addition, we go the extra mile to personally interview, screen and train the sitters within our network - unlike most online sitter directories.

How do I know which sitter to contact?

They're all the best of the best! We know sometimes choice can be overwhelming, feel free to email us at and tell us a little more about your family. We'd be happy to make a personalized recommendation.

You can also use the contact form at the top of the Member's Directory to contact all available sitters. If they are suitable and available, they will reach out to you directly for consideration.

Can I get the same sitter every time?

Yes. It's entirely possible, but it will depend on your sitter's schedule.

Sitters work on a first-come, first-served basis. Give the sitter as much notice as possible so it is more likely they have availability.

All sitters meet our exceptional standards if you ever need an alternative option.

How quickly can I get a sitter?

Sitters will typically respond to requests within 24 hours. Many times someone is able to accommodate a same day request, but this depends on the volume of existing bookings.

You will increase your chances of securing a booking by giving a few days notice - especially if requesting for a peak time such as Thursday, Friday or Saturday evening.

Members can also contact us for priority support and assistance finding last minute sitters. The office is open to take calls and respond to emails Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM.

I am giving more than one month notice, but having difficulty securing a sitter. Why?

Many sitters provide child care around other positions as nurses, substitute teachers, and positions with irregular hours. Sitters may not know their schedule more than 6 weeks in advance. The best time to contact a sitter is 1 month to 2 days before your booking.

What do the sitters charge?

Our qualified sitters set their own rates which are advertised on their profile. Sitter's charge between $20-25 per hour for in-home care (depending on the sitter and exact number of children in their care), and $25-30 per hour for groups and events.

Keep in mind, sitters are considered self-employed may have more expenses and tax obligations than a typical full-time nanny working in the home.

Sitters prices may vary if transporting children, or traveling outside of the service area, reserving time for shorter bookings or interviews, accepting credit cards, bringing toys, books, games and craft supplies to events and so on. Exact pricing will be disclosed in advance.

How do I pay the sitter?

Each sitter has their own payment methods which are advertised on their profile. Many have the means to accept credit card payments as well as cash. Contact your sitter in advance to confirm their accepted payment methods.

Why should I pay my sitter a Deposit or Cancellation Fee?

Some sitters enforce cancellation policies or accept deposits to confirm their bookings (especially on major holidays or times of peak demand). Please respect their policies as their full time wages are made up by accepting multiple babysitting and temporary positions from our LA Sitter members and last minute cancellations may result in significant loss of income.

I'm looking for someone permanent (part-time or full-time) can LA Sitter help?

The sitters on our network are generally looking for temporary, occasional and as needed babysitting positions and may not be able to work with a set schedule each week. If you cannot find a sitter that meets your needs, we highly recommend speaking with Daniel at Angeles Mannies who can find and place a special nanny (or manny) with your family based on your needs. Active LA Sitter members are entitled to $250 off the Angeles Mannies placement fees.

Will the sitters drive my children?

Some will, while others may not be comfortable accepting the liability of transporting your children in their vehicle.

LA Sitter performs checks on the sitter's experience and suitability as a childcare provider only.

We do not check sitter's insurance or vehicle registration and parents should use due diligence to ensure any vehicle is maintained and safe for child transport. For positions that require mostly driving, we suggest using a licensed chauffeur or private driver that is kid friendly.

For short trips such as school pick up and drop offs, we highly recommend using our friends at Hop Skip Drive. Described as Uber for kids, they maintain a fleet of vehicles driven by background checked childcare providers. Mention LA Sitter for promotional discounts.

Can I expect my sitter to cook and clean?

First and foremost, our sitters provide safety, education and stimulation for the children in their care.

Sitters have been selected for their exceptional childcare experience and have your child's safety as their #1 concern. Heavy cleaning duties are not typical or encouraged.

All sitters can prepare simple nutritious meals for the children and can be expected to tidy up any messes made by themselves and the children on the job when time permits. They may even gently encourage the children to help (age permitting).

As a courtesy, sitters will leave a home tidier than when they arrive without interfering with your personal belongings.

Communication is key if you're hoping for additional cleaning. If you'd like the counters wiped or the dishwasher run once the kids are in bed, please let your sitter know in advance.


Do you offer First Aid & CPR classes for parents and the public?

Yes! We reserve a number of public places in each of our classes. You can also contact us directly regarding classes at your location.

Do you teach infant First Aid and CPR?

Yes! The class will teach first aid and CPR for infants, children and adults as well as the use of an AED (defibrillator) and Epi-Pen.

Do I receive a Certificate?

Yes! All participants receive a Certificate of Participation. If you have chosen the Accredited Course you will also receive a Certificate from the American Red Cross and be registered as an accredited participant on their data base. Certification is valid for 2 years. Refresher courses are offered at discounted rates if taken before expiry.

Where are classes located?

Keep an eye on Classes page for upcoming class information. Our in-house classes are currently held in the Crtl Collective building at 833 S. Spring St, Los Angeles 90014. We are always happy to hear about new spaces and locations that would be open to hosting our classes.

How many people are in each class?

The average class size is 6-8 participants. The absolute maximum is 12 participants per instructor according to American Red Cross guidelines.


Have additional questions? Feel free to get in touch! Email: