Jessica Jensen, founder of Sitters of Los Angeles

Jessica Jensen, founder of Sitters of Los Angeles


When you have niggling doubts, anxiety about leaving your child with their first sitter, or questions about a specific sitter and how to use our service - it’s me you’re reaching out to. Hello!

(Except for maybe 5% of the time when it will be one of our fantastic sitters taking their love for Sitters of Los Angeles to the next level by helping this mama out in the office.)

I know how important it is to have someone you can trust on your side. I know, because I’ve been there.

Please feel welcome to reach out any time with your questions.

Jessica Jensen:

Our Story

I can’t believe we’re already more than halfway through January! As we settle in to 2019, it seems as good a time as any to introduce myself - if you don’t know who I am :)

Hello! I’m Jessica, the founder of Sitters of Los Angeles (and our parent company Nannies of Los Angeles, LLC). I’m an Australian transplant who has been living in sunny California for the last 7 years - and loving it!

I’m a mom, a former nanny, educator, backup child care specialist known as the L.A. Sitter (2018 Los Angeles Award winner in the Child Care Category) and first aid and CPR class teacher for the American Red Cross. The eldest child of the very first family I was a nanny for is now almost 18! Since I cared for that babe (and his two siblings), I’ve worked with hundreds of children and their unique families.

As a parent myself now, I wanted to know that when I needed a sitter myself, I would find a temporary child care provider who cared about their job and the children in their care as much as I did. This is why I created Sitters of Los Angeles.

Sitters of Los Angeles is there to fill the gap between a full service agency, one that completes the booking on your behalf at a premium, and the giant corporate directories of faceless sitters you know nothing about! Why take that risk? When it comes to care for our children - it’s personal!

Instead of the placement premium charged by a full service agency, parent's can join Sitters of Los Angeles for an affordable membership fee and connect directly with the hand selected sitters by messaging them through our site to coordinate care.

Yes, hand selected. I have met ALL sitters in-person. Have interviewed them face-to-face, verified their credentials including First Aid and CPR certifications, have contacted their references, ensured they are fingerprint background checked and registered with the CA Department of Social Services' Trustline program and keep in regular contact with each and every one.

I believe the sitters at Sitters of Los Angeles are truly the best babysitters Los Angeles has to offer. I love our sitters so much, our own family uses them regularly!

When you message the sitters through the website to check their availability, experienced sitters on out network will respond directly to your message via your preferred contact method (choose email, text or phone). You can then compare profiles and rates ($20-25/hour based on your exact needs and qualifications of the care provider) and coordinate your booking directly with the care provider that you feel best suits your family’s needs. You can use the website to reach out to them 24/7.

More often than not, you’ll be contacted back within a couple of hours at most. Especially if you’ve listed exact dates and times that you need care and if you’ve sent your message out to ‘all available’ sitters for that date rather than messaged one individual.

You will get a response directly from a sitter even if it’s outside of (my) regular office hours or very last minute. I’m so confident of that, I offer a money back guarantee on membership fees if you aren’t contacted by a suitable sitter within 24 hours (or before you need care, if that’s first).