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  • We don't let any babysitter join Sitters of Los Angeles. We pride ourselves on our 5 star reputation.

  • We have met all of the sitters on our website in-person and keep in contact! Some have been with us 3+ years.

  • We perform reference checks and require more than 5 years of varied child care experience.

  • We make sure every sitter is background checked and registered with TrustLine (a CA Dept. of Social Services program).

  • We make sure every sitter is First Aid and CPR trained - And that it stays current.

  • We closely monitor feedback from our members, like you!


We're a local, family operated business with our reputation on the line.

We have hand selected a SMALL, exceptional TEAM OF pre-screened babysitters THAT WE FEEL CONFIDENT HIRING FOR OUR OWN CHILDREN.











Sitter vs. Nanny. What is a Sitter?

Sitters provide occasional care on irregular dates. For many of our sitters, this is not their primary job. Many work as full or part time nannies, teachers, nurses, behavioral therapists and in other professional child related fields on rotating roster. Sitters may not know their availability more than 2-6 weeks ahead of time, but you can always ask!

If you need one special person who can provide regular care for your family, please see our Nanny Referral Agency to request assistance finding a temporary, part-time or full-time nanny: www.NanniesOfLosAngeles.com

How do I contact the sitters?

Members can contact sitters directly via our online platform using the request form at any hour. Sitters will review your message and, if available on your selected dates, will respond ASAP using your preferred contact method - email, text or phone call!

How soon will I hear back from a sitter?

Need someone last minute? We're so confident you'll hear back from an amazing sitter within a few hours that we'll refund your most recent payment and cancel your membership if you don't find care that fits your family's needs within 24 hours or before you need a sitter to start (if this is within 24 hours).

How much is it?

The only thing we charge is a small membership fee to help screen sitters, keep our site running, and offer support to our members. Membership is $19-35 per month depending on which plan you choose. You can choose from 1, 3, 6 and 12 month options and cancel anytime. Sitters are to be paid directly for any hours worked with your family.

How much do the sitters charge?

Sitters set their own rates which may vary slightly from sitter to sitter depending on their qualifications and the needs of your family. Rates will be quoted by the sitter before you need to confirm anything. Expect to pay an experienced childcare provider in Los Angeles approximately $20-25/hour when providing care for 1-3 children for home based care.

Is there a minimum booking time?

Sitters request that clients are prepared to pay for no less than four (4) hours of their time, even when all hours are not needed. Sitters appreciate this guaranteed income as they often turn down bookings which may be longer once their time is reserved for your family. Sitters also reserve at least one hour of their time (each way) for navigating Los Angeles traffic; if they were to travel to more than 2 positions to work a full 8 hour day, they would add 6 or more hours to their day in transit.

Can I have the same sitter each time?

You can always request the same sitter back, but we recommend working with a couple of different faces in case your preferred sitter is unavailable on a selected date. If you need consistent care, please see our Nanny Referral Agency to request assistance finding a temporary, part-time or full-time nanny: www.NanniesOfLosAngeles.com

Can sitters provide newborn care?

Yes, we have newborn care specialists and sitters who are experienced with infants that you will be matched with if you request care for a child under 6 months or under 12 months of age.